How can I plant single species or kits?

Read this article to discover simple ways to plant your favorite trees!

🌴There you are, you have just found the perfect tree but you're not sure how you can plant it.

Here below you will find all the instructions! 🚀


🌳Purchasing single species or packages

You can find the complete list of products, like single species and kits, on our e-commerce.

To visit it, simply click on this link


Here you'll find the complete list of all available trees and all products, including kits and subscriptions.

🔍You can activate filters to make a more targeted search, according to your preferences and needs 😀


✌️Once you've found the product or products you like best, you can add them to the shopping cart.

We recommend that you first open the card of each product so that you can read about its characteristics and how it works.

Here is an example: it is the description of the couple "Love is in the Air"

To add the tree or the kit to the cart, simply click on the "Add" button.

ℹ️ You can add more products if you want, in fact we you purchase several trees in one transaction!
It is not necessary to make one purchase for every product 👍

🌳To open your cart, click on its icon on top right.

➡️ 💁 There is a lot of information in the shopping cart!

🌱 You can decide whether trees/packages are to be given to another person by putting the flag on "Contains at least one gift".

🌱 You can increase the number of products (or decrease it until the cart is empty) by clicking on the + and - buttons.

🌱In the section "Do you have a voucher?" you can enter discount codes.

❣️ Click here to find out more about our vouchers (discount codes)!

🌱You can have more knowledge about what is included in the price of the tree.


And here it is! Click on "Continue" each time to proceed with the payment.


Then,  login to your profile or register it, and write the data according to the payment method you intend to use.



❣️ Click here to know more about the payment methods we accept and how to use them!


🌳 When you're ready, click on "Purchase" and once the payment is complete you will find the tree or trees on our profile, in the section "Trees - Owned".

.            Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 17.13.07


➡️ 👀There are also other ways to choose and purchase individual trees, packages or subscriptions:

🌱 By simply clicking on "Plant a tree" once you open the site, in the Homepage.


💚 Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team if you struggle.
Write to if you're in need!