Change or remove the payment method

If you need to change your payment method or remove it from your profile settings, we'll guide you step by step!

🌳  Can I change or remove the payment method? If yes, how?

Yes, you have both the options! Read below to find out more 👇🏼

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1. Change the payment method

2. Remove the payment method


🌱  1. Change the payment method  🔧  If you have Subscriptions.

If you have a subscription and want to change your payment method, you can do so by going first to settings, and here to the ''Subscriptions'' section:



Once you enter the dedicated section, you will simply need to click on the button "Update" and proceed!


🌱 2. Remove the payment method 🔧

After your first purchase, you will find your payment details in your profile settings, in the "Payment method" section.



👉🏼  So, you can either check your PayPal 🔹 email account:


👉🏼  Or, you can check the details of the card you used 💳:


🍃 Now simply click on the "minus" button, then on "Remove".



🔺 You can redo your purchase and update your payment method right at the checkout stage.

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