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How can I activate a subscription?

What if planting trees could be even easier and more fun? Discover our subscriptions and how they work!


About the benefits of a tree subscription on Treedom:

💚 Not only is it nice to know that you are planting one or more trees every month with your subscription, thereby binding a lot of Co2, but you also regularly hear news from the various projects in which these trees are growing. 

💚 Besides the discount you get by subscribing, the surprise effect is particularly attractive. Since a different tree is assigned to your profile every month, you never know in advance what kind of tree it will be this time

It remains exciting!


I want to activate a subscription:

Please open the  e-commerce , scroll down and you will find the three options of a subscription:

⚠️ Note: You can only buy one Subscription, so make your choice and click on "Subscribe".

💚 Once activated, you will not pay immediately: the first month you will receive free trees from us! You will only start paying from the second month after activation. 💚

To manage your payments and know the date of each renewal, simply log into your Treedom account and access your settings. Read more about changing or deleting a subscription here.

 How it works:


💚 We hope this article has been useful to you, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Send an email to info@treedom.net