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How can I activate a subscription?

What if planting trees could be even easier and more fun? Discover our subscriptions and how they work!


The advantages of a Treedom subscription:

💚 Not only is it great to know that with your subscription you will plant one or more trees each month reducing your Co2 emissions, but you will also receive regular news from the various projects where these trees are growing.

💚 Besides the discount you get by subscribing, the surprise effect is particularly interesting. Since a different tree is assigned to your profile every month, you never know in advance what species it will be next time.
It is always exciting!


I want to activate a subscription:

➡️ Enter the page of our website dedicated to subscriptions by clicking here.


If you have a company or business and are interested in this service, discover the business subscriptions we have created for you! Click here.


🍃 There are two subscription categories: monthly subscription and annual subscription.

👉🏽 For each category, there are 3 plans available.

🔺 Monthly subscriptions:


🔺 Annual subscriptions:



you can only activate one subscription!
Select the one you prefer and then click on 'Choose'.


🔹 By clicking on "Choose" you land directly in the shopping cart;

before proceeding with activation you can check again the monthly cost of the plan you have chosen and the number of trees you will receive over the course of a year:



ℹ️ Scrolling down you will also have the most frequently asked questions about subscriptions with answers.


🔹 The payment method you enter will only be associated with your subscription. After entering your card details or your Paypal account, for example, click on "Proceed" at the bottom.



➡️  Would you like to know more about the payment methods we accept?
You will find information on this here.


🔹 And after a short wait,


🔹 You will land in the settings, where you will find the details of your subscription.

🔹 And you will immediately receive your first tree(s)!

Check "My Treedom - Premium" section 😉 

For example:



How do I manage my subscription?

🔧 🌳 👉🏼 To manage your Treedom subscription and the payment method associated with it, to know the renewal date and other details, simply log into your Treedom account with your credentials and go to settings.
Here, enter the section dedicated to subscriptions.


How does the subscription work?


💚 We hope you found this article useful! If you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact us!

Please send an email info@treedom.net