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APP - Have you received a tree as a gift?

Redeeming a gift on the Treedom app is easy: find out how!

What does it mean to "redeem" a tree?

Redeeming a tree means accepting the gift you have been given 🌲 💌

In a few short steps it will appear in your Treedom account and you will be able to follow the updates on the project it is part of, which we will publish in its virtual Diary.

👉🏼 We would like to clarify that by redeeming the tree you will have no financial commitment, neither now nor in the future!

It is a gift, and there is no additional cost 😊 💝

📱 Through the app you can redeem the gift you have received using a QR code or a Treecode.

📝 You can find them in the gift card you received from the sender, for example:

👉🏼 To unwrap your gift and receive the tree(s) you first have open the app, then log in or register your account.

🔹 After this first step, click on the profile icon.
Then, select the "Redeem Gift" box.

Now you can choose to write the Treecode or frame the QR code.

🍃 QR code
As soon as you scan it, the Treecode appears and you can continue by clicking on "Redeem gift".

🍃 Treecode
Simply write the Treecode in the dedicated space and click on "Redeem gift".

🎁 Here's your gift!
Now find out who sent it to you and you can read the dedication.
Click on "Open gift" at the bottom to continue.

🌱 Now, drag down the virtual map to get the tree in your profile and start following it:


 🌳 Here it is!

The tree is officially on your account.
Now you can find out which species you have been given and all its properties.

➡️ Find out more about the diary and the tree's virtual page in this article.


You will be informed about the progress of the agroforestry projects in which your trees grow and receive useful information about them. We will also publish the picture of the nursery and the picture of the time of planting in the Tree Diary.
We would like to point out, therefore, that you will not receive annual updates on tree growth.

➡️ Find out how the tracking works by clicking here! 🌳 📸 🌍 👨🏼‍🌾

💚 We hope you found this article useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you're in need!
Write an e-mail to info@treedom.net