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Explore the Tree Diary and all the information about the tree you have chosen or received as a gift.

Have you bought or received your first tree and want to know more?
 You are in the right place!

🌳 Each tree has its own online page on the Treedom platform, containing data and information so that you can:

🐂 🌳 🍋 follow updates on the agroforestry project they belong to,
📷 🌱 see the photograph taken at the time of planting,
🌍 🌎 🌏 as well as to know the geographical coordinates of the nursery and the tree itself.

🌐 It is a public page, visible not only to the tree keeper but also to any other person;

👉🏼 Transparency and assurance are important to us. That is why we follow this policy:

we want the photos and coordinates of the trees to be accessible to everyone, and we want everyone to know more about our projects 🌳

🔎 How can I find a tree and view its profile? 🔍

To view all trees, simply log in to your account with your credentials and click on the tree icon at the bottom left:

Here you will find various entries, but the one that interests you is "View all".

Click on this button to land in a new window entitled "My trees":

this is where you will find them, and they are grouped into 3 sections:

🍃🌳My Trees >
includes both trees you have purchased and those you have received as gifts.

For example, in this case, the first two trees were received as gifts from another user:

To view the tree page, simply click on the one you are interested in 😊

🍃🥭 🍋 🌴Forests > includes the list of forests in which you have planted trees and which you help to grow.
They may have been created by you or by other users!

You can open the forest page by clicking on it.
For example, in this case, the forest was called "Trees and fruits":

Clicking on the forest name takes you back to the site, and you can navigate through its virtual page and also explore all the trees that are part of it.


If you do not find the "Forests" option, it may mean that:

✖️ you have not yet created one of your own;

✖️ or you have not yet planted trees within an open forest
(which may have been created by a friend of yours or an influencer you like who has at least one)

✖️ or perhaps you have created a forest but have not yet published it!
In this case, we suggest you enter your profile directly from the site, not from the app, and publish your forest.


🍃🎁 Gifted > here you will find all trees that you have given away and that have actually been redeemed by their respective recipients.



If you have not yet made any gifts, or if they are still in the delivery phase, you will see this screen:


📱 In the app you can only view your trees and profile.
You will not be able to see the journals of the trees you have given away or the profiles of other users.

Therefore, it is normal that clicking on donated trees will not open their pages.


How is the online tree page structured? And what information can I find there?

The tree page is divided into various sections;

let's look at the details together 😊👇🏼

▪️ At the top we find:


  • 🌏 🌎 🌍 Map button > indicates the location of the tree in the world.
  • Share button > to share your tree on the main social platforms and various apps / or via the link to its online page.

  • X button > to simply close the window and go back to the "All My Trees" section.

A little further down is this information:

☀️ 🌧️ 🌙 Small graphic that tells us in real time whether it is raining or sunny above the tree canopy and how many degrees there are in that area.

📍 Country > the country where the tree is growing.

🌳 The name of the tree

🍃 first appears the name given to it by its current caretaker, you, or the sender if it was given to you 💚

🍃 otherwise, simply the name of the species, if the tree has not been renamed in any other way;

🍃 Below it always appears the species name (Cocoa, in this case), plus the current status of the tree (nursery/planted/photographed).

For example, this tree was renamed "Choco Tree" by its caretaker and is still in the nursery 🤎
Finally, you can read the scientific name of the species and, in case you received the tree as a gift, the name of the sender 😊


▪️ In the middle, on the other hand, we find:

💚 Strengths

👨🏼‍🌾 🐮 🍊 list of benefits:

- environmental benefits 👉🏼 both locally and globally;
- social and economic benefits 👉🏼 for the local communities that participate and bring our projects to life;

ℹ️ When evaluating impacts, the average is calculated by taking into account all the trees you keep in your Treedom account.

🤓 Environmental benefits include the ability to absorb Carbon Dioxide

➡️ Every tree, in the course of its life, absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, fixing it in its woody parts 🌳

👉🏼 The calculation of the average Co2 absorption capacity of each species was made in collaboration with the University of Tuscia.

It is based on the first 10 years of the tree's life and considers average growth rates, which, of course, take into account all biological phases of the plant.

➡️ Read the Treedom Manifesto by clicking here 😃

➡️ What are the advantages of an agroforestry system? Click here to find out!

The app only calculates the co2 absorbed by the trees you have purchased yourself! 
It does not calculate on those received as gifts.

🍊🐮 👨🏼‍🌾 list of local uses:
to get a better idea of what use will be made of the trees in the project area.

🌎 🌍 🌏 Country 👉🏼 here some details about the country where your tree grows and about the project.

👁️ To view the various tabs, click on the arrow in green and then use the arrows to the right and left 😉



💚 The roots

The tree can grow thanks to you! ❤️ 
And if it is part of a forest, we remind you of it 😜 🌳 

💚 Journal

📰 The virtual Diary of the tree
comes to life immediately after purchase, and it is there that we publish articles, videos and photographs, and generally updates on the agroforestry project of which that tree is a part.

➡️ Find out more about our agroforestry projects by clicking here!

💚 But that's not all! As soon as the tree is planted, we publish its geographical coordinates in the Diary and, after a few days, also its photograph.

Click on "See all contents" to find out what your tree and its whole world is contributing to.


💚 Timeline

⏳ Thanks to the Timeline you can find out the current status of your tree.

👉🏼 By clicking on "View all" you will find the explanation, in chronological order, of all stages of its life!

You can simply slide your finger to the right to go to the next stage, and to the left to go back.

For each step you will find both a text and an explanatory video, filmed in an agroforestry project.

For example:



1- Looking for my photo? 🔍

The planting photo only appears after the tree has been geolocated and transferred to the ground.

🔺 If you still don't see it, please wait! 😉

2- My photo 🌱

If your tree has been planted on the ground, you can see it posed here!

❓ How are trees and projects monitored?

➡️ Find out details on how trees are tracked in this article!

And if you are curious to learn more about our goals and mission, we suggest you visit these pages of our website:

🍋 Manifesto

🍋 Agroforestry system

🍋 How we do it

🍋 Countries

At the bottom we find:


1. Description
🍃 🌺 🍑 click on the arrow on the right and you will find a description of the species and some photographs.

2. Details
🌳 Your tree has its own identity card 😃

The main information about it is in this tab, and includes the ID code and also geographical coordinates.

🆔 About the ID Code

is the tree's ID code, which is useful for tracing the date of purchase or receipt of the tree as a gift, the transaction and payment method, the sender's and recipient's data and the project of which the tree is part.

🔺 No two are the same, the ID is used to keep track of every single tree purchased and planted on Treedom.net

3. Meaning

🍃 Finally, you can find out what meaning has been associated with the species you have chosen or that has been given to you

Frequently asked questions:

❓ How are trees and projects monitored?

➡️ Find out more about how trees are tracked in this article!

Want to learn more about our goals and mission?
Please visit these pages on our website:

🍋 Manifesto
🍋 Agroforestry system
🍋 How we do it
🍋 Countries


💚 We hope you found this article useful! Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you need it.

Write an e-mail to info@treedom.net