How can I manage my communications?

We update you on the Treedom world in the way you prefer!

👉🏼 Didn't you know? 👀

🔧 A section of your Treedom profile settings is dedicated to the management of the communications you receive from us 😊

You can decide yourself which news you receive in your mailbox 🌳👤


📥 How can I manage communications?


🔸 There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • connect to by clicking here;
  • log in by clicking on  the dedicated button

  • enter the settings 

  • open "Your data" 

  •  and then click on "Communication" to display this screen below and the various options:

  • Activate or deactivate the receipt of communications according to your needs by clicking on the appropriate button:
    👉🏼 💚 If it turns green, this means that the option is active.
    👉🏼 ⚪ If it is white&grey, it means that you have deactivated that option.

For example:

💚 ✔️ Active options: Tree updates + Discounts and promotions
⚪  🚫 Deactivated: Newsletter


❓Frequently asked questions❓


🔸 What kind of communications do I receive after profile creation?
Are they the same as those received by the recipient of my gift?

Whoever decides to register a profile on Treedom, therefore also sender and recipient of a possible gift, can decide whether or not to receive these communications from us by email:


🌱 👩‍🌾 Updates about the trees you have purchased and the tree you have given as a gift. Such as alerts on the tree's Timeline and updates on the agroforestry project it is part of.

➡️ Click here to find out how we monitor trees and projects! 🌳

🌱 👛 Discounts and promotions tailored just for you.

🌱 💌 Newsletters and new articles published in the Treeblog.


🔸 Are there any other ways to stop receiving your emails?

If you wish, you can also unsubscribe from the Newsletter and other communications through the dedicated "Click here" button you will find right inside the emails we send you.

For example:





💚 We hope this article has been helpful.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you need us!
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