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APP - Login to your account

Learn how to access your Treedom account.

🌱 🥭 🍋 🌳
Now that you have downloaded our app, you can log in to your account  🤩


🌳 Open the app in your smartphone and click on the profile icon at the bottom right 👤
🌳 Then select "Log in or register":


🌳 Now click on the
"Log-in" button:


🌳 Enter your email and password,
or choose to log in via Google or Facebook, depending on how you registered*! 😊


You can now view your profile! 💪

🌳👤 Remember that you can always find it here:


❓ Frequently asked questions ❓


🍒 1)  I don't remember my password to log in. How can I retrieve it?

Retrace all steps until you see this screen:


🍃 Click on "Forgot password?" and, in the window that opens, enter the email address associated with your Treedom account, then select "Send email".

🍃 Finally, check your inbox 😉



🤔 Didn't you receive the email?

⏰ We advise you to wait at least one hour

and also check Spam / Junk Mail.


📥 This is what the password reset email looks like ⬇️

Subject: "Reset password on Treedom"


🍃 Click on the "Choose a new password" button at the bottom.
🍃 Follow the instructions to create an effective and secure password, and confirm it by clicking on the appropriate button.



Now all you have to do is log into your account 💚


🍒 2. How can I log out of my account?

🍃 Go to settings and select "Profile settings".



🍃 Scroll down and click on the green "Log-out" button.



💚 We hope you found this article useful!
If you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.
Send an email to info@treedom.net