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Would you like to plant trees as a business?

Find out how:

🌳 With Treedom you can create your company profile, and engage customers and employees by giving them a tree as a gift and tell them about your commitment with dedicated communication materials.

ℹ️ Discover our proposals for planting trees on this page.


🏢 Collaboration modes

We have two different modes of collaboration with companies:



With this solution:

  • It will be possible to create a company profile and plant trees independently.
    You can plant trees via a subscription solution (subscription page) or via our e-commerce dedicated to companies (e-commerce page) with a minimum of 20 trees per cart;
  • After you have made your first purchase, you will be able to give the trees as a gift in order to involve other people in your initiative. The gift phase can be started directly from your profile, following the guided procedure

  • In addition to this, you will then be able to download communication materials from the Communication Kit section in your profile that have been specially designed to tell people about your initiative;
  • A card containing key information, including the common and scientific name of the species, the identification code and the country of origin, can be downloaded from each tree's online page.
  • After the first purchase, you will be able to download a Welcome Kit consisting of a Certificate (showing number of trees planted and amount of CO2 absorbed).
  • In addition to this, once you reach 100 and 300 trees planted during the year with your profile, you will be able to unlock extra communication materials.

You can register and create your company profile directly from this page.




This is a solution designed for medium/large companies that want to build a tailor-made profile based on their corporate objectives. You will have a contact person available so that together we can create a valuable collaboration.
We will support you

  • In structuring the initiative, according to the company's objectives and expected results;
  • In communicating your impact through customisable and tailor-made communication materials;
  • Involve your stakeholders in the initiative by allowing them to give the planted trees as a gift and let them live the Treedom tree experience first-hand;

For more information you can visit this page and fill in the request form.

❓Frequently asked questions❓


Is there a minimum number of trees to be purchased?

For company profiles, with the Starter solution the minimum purchase must be 20 trees (minimum price: €298). Alternatively, you can subscribe to a subscription service that allows you to plant 3, 5 or 8 trees per month.
You can find all the information on this page of our website: https://www.treedom.net/it/business

Can I cancel the gift of one or more trees?

In the "Trees - Yours" section of your profile, by clicking on those marked "On delivery" you can cancel the procedure and then carry it out again.

Does the price of the packages include VAT?

Yes, in all e-commerce, prices include VAT.
Subscription prices, on the other hand, are exclusive of VAT.

Can I continue to give trees as gifts if I deactivate my subscription?

All previously assigned trees can be given away at any time even if your subscription is deactivated.
In addition, updates to the Tree Diary will continue to be sent. Created forests can continue to be shared and planted in as normal.

When do I receive the invoice for my purchase?

Within 3 working days after the day of purchase, invoices will be added to the "My Orders" section of your profile. You will be able to download them from there.

Our dedicated team is at your disposal to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your business! 

For more information, write an email to business@treedom.net and you will be contacted as soon as possible.