What about the tree-kits of 2 or more trees?

In this section you get all the information about the different kits: Best Friends, Love is in the Air, Family Tree etc.

The kits are tree packages, which you can find if you click on ''Pant a tree" , and then enter the filter "Products'' > ''Kit".

🌳♥️🌳 You will find more details on the kit itself and each tree within the kit (see the example below).

If you then click on each of the small tree icons, you will get more information about each tree in the kit: the species, the country where it is planted, its benefits and local uses, etc. 🌍🌱🍋

Don't be afraid if the trees are planted in different geographical areas!


♥️ By planting these trees and giving them as gifts if wanted, for example to a friend or relative, you are tying your feelings to the trees that will grow over time and become their keepers.

💚 Don't forget our goals are to bring local environmental benefits, global environmental benefits, as well as social economic benefits to different areas in our planet.

💌🌳 After you have purchased the package, you can proceed to gift each tree by one of the three delivery methods we have. ⬅️

On your profile you will see all the trees like the example below in the section 'owned'.

🎁 You will see the words "on delivery" under the respective tree you gave, until it is redeemed by the recipient.

If you made a mistake about the delivery method to gift the tree, you can edit it. ⬅️


💚 We hope this article has been useful to you, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Send an email to info@treedom.net