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Creating a corporate profile.

It only takes a few steps to create your company profile:
  • For the Online Business solution simply fill in this registration form;
  • For the Enterprise solution you can visit this page to fill out the contact form or schedule a call with a contact person;

ℹ️ Click here for more details on the Online Business and Enterprise solutions!

How can I choose between the Online Business and Enterprise solution?

Choosing the right solution for you does not depend on the size of your company, but on your level of commitment, and the complexity of the project ✨🌲

There are small companies that have chosen the Premium solution! 

🌳 The Online Business solution involves the (free) creation of an autonomous profile by filling in this form.

🌱 What does it include?

  • possibility of purchasing individual trees or available packages (min. 20 trees per cart) independently
  • possibility to subscribe by planting trees every month
  • some ready-made, non-editable media content that can be downloaded from the profile after the first purchase
  • possibility of gifting trees with procedure directly from the site to be done tree by tree.


🌳 The Enterprise solution is ideal for those who want to realize a larger project.

🌱 What does it include?

  • lower unit prices per tree;
  • profile and tree management by us;
  • creation of both the company profile and a digital forest to highlight and tell the story of your initiative;
  • communication support with videos, graphics and text content.
  • tree gift assistance: we will provide you with all gift codes that you can choose to use on one or more occasions to directly engage customers, employees, stakeholders.


❓Frequent Questions❓

Do I have to register to plant trees with my company?

👉🏽 Yes, you must register if you choose the Business Online solution.

👉🏽 Otherwise, if you are interested in creating a Premium account, our team will do it for you!

➡️ Contact us by email at business@treedom.net for assistance.


Is my Treedom profile public?

Yes, anyone can see your company page on Treedom. You can share your page on social media and other digital channels.


Can I customize my profile?

👉🏽 Business Online yes, after registering you can easily edit your profile by going to settings. You can add, for example, your logo and a short description of your company/business.

👉🏽 Enterprise: you can rely on our team to customize your profile according to your needs.


With the Business Online solution, it is only possible to create forest subpages within your own page by purchasing one of the subscription solutions.

I represent a public administrative body, can I still create a profile?

Yes, just create your profile via this form and then get in touch with our team by writing to business@treedom.net 📤. 


The choice of the most suitable solution for you does not depend on the size of your company, but on how many trees you want to plant and the type of project you want to undertake.

(There are small companies that have chosen the Enterprise solution, and large companies that have opted for the Business Online solution). 


Our dedicated team is at your disposal to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your business.

For more information, email us at business@treedom.net and we will contact you as soon as possible!