I cannot read the horoscope from my tree, can you help me?

I have a Horoscope Tree in my profile but I cannot read the horoscope. How can I see, what my monthly horoscope says?


The horoscope is just for those users, who have a Horoscope Tree. Others are not able to see it.

🌳 If you have such a tree and you cannot read the horoscope, this is usually because you are not logged in.

❓Not sure how to log in? Check out this article. ⬅️

If you are not logged in, this is what the horoscope tree profile says.

😊 The horoscope should be displayed like this, if everything works well.


⚠️ Another reasons, why you are not able to read the horoscope are:

  • that you gifted the tree to someone else. Just the person who "owns" the tree, can also read the horoscope in the tree profile. 🎁
  • You already received the horoscope 12 months. After 12 months, the horoscope provided for the tree, ends.  📆


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