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How to change or end a subscription

Problems to change or to cancel a subscription? This article may help!

🌱🌳 Change the type of subscription:

👤 In case you want to have a different type of subscription, please go to your profile settings



👉🏼 Under the tab "Subscriptions" you will (if activated) find the possibility to decide for another subscription.

👉🏼 You will also find a button to cancel your subscription: 

From that day on you cancel the subscription, no more money will be charged.

❗If you want to cancel the subscription we are very sorry 😕

Besides that, we would really appreciate if you write us a short feedback, describing what you did not like.

We always do our best to improve. 

In case you activate/change or cancel your subscription, you will get no confirmation via email or anything else.

You will be able to see everything in your profile settings! 



💚 We hope this article has been useful to you, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us!

Send an email to info@treedom.net