How do I change communications from Treedom?

We can keep you up to date about the Treedom world in whichever way you prefer.

🌳 👤 You can decide which type of communication you would like to receive.

You will simply have to select the profile icon in the top right.


📩 You can click on ''Settings'' where you will see the various sections you can change, from this point you can select "Communications". 



Treedom sends three types of communications:

🌱 👩‍🌾 Various updates about the trees you have purchased and the trees that you have gifted. Such as alerts about the available pictures and project updates about your tree  

🌱 👛 Discounts and promotions tailored especially for you 

🌱 💌 Newsletter updates and new published article 


Here you can toggle which content you would like to receive. Don't forget to save changes! 😊


📥 You can also toggle your communications via the button "Click here to remove your subscriptions" on the bottom of an email.

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