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How can I name/rename my tree?

You want to give your tree or the tree which you want to gift to someone a name? Take a look at this article.

🌳 In order to name/rename a tree you need to have a tree in your profile, and this happens after you have purchased it or redeemed it.

This tree needs to be in the section "Owned", so no tree which you gifted already.

Besides that, make sure that you logged in 👤

⚠️ If you are having troubles while logging in, please take a look at this article ⬅️


🌱 To name/rename a tree, please click on the tree for which you want to give/change the name. 


🌱 If you click on the specific tree, you will see the icon of the pencil. 



🌱 If you click on that, you will be able to see a field where you can type in the new name for the tree 😊


✔️ To save the name, just click on the save button.


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