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Gifting trees as a business

Surprise your team and your customers with a tree!

🌱 What does it mean to give trees with Treedom?

With Treedom you can create a company profile that will have a positive impact on the environment and people.

🌳 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏾 We are an international team that helps small, medium and large companies communicate their commitment to the protection of the environment and biodiversity by planting trees and giving them as gifts on special occasions.  

Thanks to our interactive platform, you can follow online the story of the project of which the tree you planted is a part.

🌍 And so, click after click and tree after tree, we make the world greener by creating value for you, your company and the entire planet. 

I would like to give trees to my customers and employees. How can I do this?

🎁 If you would like to give trees to employees and customers, conveying your commitment to the environment, you will first have to create your company profile.

➡️ Click here to find out which account type may be best for you!


👉🏼 Online Business Solution:

After registering your account, you will be able to purchase the trees you prefer and choose from the packages and individual species you will find in the dedicated e-commerce.

Once you have made your purchase, you can donate trees to anyone you like, at any time 🌐.

Just go to your profile, enter the section dedicated to your trees and click on the menu button and then on "Gift your trees".

Follow the procedure and select your preferred delivery method (card, email or link)

👉🏽 Premium Solution:

You will be followed by our professional team to bring your forest to life and make the gifts!

In addition to links that initiate the tree gifting process, we also have Eco-Gadgets available for companies that are specially designed to gift trees physically and sustainably.


❓Frequently asked questions❓

Do I have to give the trees away immediately after purchasing them?

👉🏽 Online Business: no, trees can be given away at any time.

👉🏽 Enterprise: once the contract is signed, our team will provide you with a list of gift codes associated with your trees and you will have 12 months to dedicate them to your stakeholders


If I give a tree to someone, does it get removed from my company page?

Trees will remain on your company profile even after you have given them away. If the recipient of the gift redeems the tree on Treedom, he/she will become the 'keeper' of one of your trees.


Can I customize the trees I give as a gift?

👉🏽 Online Business:  each tree can be customized with a name and you can also add a message.

👉🏽 Enterprise:  if you have an Enterprise business account, our team will follow you and help you customize your forest!


Does anyone who receives a tree as a gift have to register?

Yes, to receive a Treedom tree as a gift you need to register (or simply log in if you are already registered). By registering, the recipient can follow the history of the tree from his profile and receive updates.


Do we have to give away our trees?

No, you can simply leave the trees in your profile without giving them away.


What happens if a customer redeems the tree after the expiry date?

After the expiry date, the customer will not be able to redeem the tree.



Our dedicated team is at your disposal to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your business!

For more information, please email us at business@treedom.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.