How do I check the status of the gift? What is a gift on delivery?

You don't know if the gift has been sent? If you have any doubts about a gift read this article!


If the tree(s) is “ON DELIVERY”, it means it’s a gift waiting to be opened!  😊

1. Check the status of your gift

2. Do you need to check the details of the gift?

3. Please note


🎁 🌳 To check the status of the gift, first make sure you are logged in to your Treedom account 👤


👉🏼  If the tree appears in your profile under "Trees - Gifted", then it has already been successfully redeemed by the recipient! 
✅ Its status is “Delivered”:

👉🏼  If you can’t find the tree in the “Trees - Gifted” section:

🌳 Go to the "Trees - Owned" section and you will see the tree(s) you have purchased as a gift.

Don't worry if you see the trees among your own 😃

 it is only an intermediate step before they are redeemed, i.e. actively accepted, by the recipient!


Click on the “On Delivery” button and a new window will open and show you the details of your gift:

    🆘❓How do I find the card, the link or check the email address I entered if I need to?


    👉🏼 If you need to find the gift link or print the card again, or verify that you have entered the recipient's email address correctly, follow these steps:

    • log in to your profile with your credentials 👤
    • enter the "Trees - Owned" section 🌳 
    • click on the 'On delivery' button above the tree and then proceed in the tab:


    EMAIL  📥


    LINK  🔗


    CARD  ✍️


    ➡️  You can also find more details here: What are the delivery methods? 

    ➡️ And if you have made a mistake, don't worry: in this article we explain how to remedy it in just a few steps  👍🏼


    The gift doesn’t have an expiration date.




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