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Communication Tools

Communication Tools

➡️ 📌 One of the advantages of using a business account is the exclusive communication tools and content that we make available to companies: the Communication Kit

What are Communication Kits?

📃 The Communication Kits are communication tools we make available to the companies we work with.

🌲 💚 Through them you can communicate to customers and employees your commitment to caring for the environment! 👤

🍃Online Business Solution

With the Online solution, Communication Kits will be available after planting your first trees 😊 
After the first purchase, you will be able to download:

  • Treedom Certificate - The certificate shows the amount of trees planted and the kilograms of CO2 absorbed, as well as the company name and logo, and also includes the QR code of your Treedom profile.
  •  E-mail signature - An image to be included in the email signature, to show the company's commitment in planting trees with Treedom

By planting 100 trees you will be able to download photographs that were taken right in our projects;. This Kit will be unlocked upon reaching up to 100 trees planted during the year.

By planting 300 trees you will be able to download a post for your social media communication. This kit will be unlocked once you have planted 300 trees within the year.

By selecting one of the subscription solutions, you will receive specific materials related to the impacts you are going to support;

➡️ For more information you can visit this page.

🎄 🫶 🌎 Throughout the year we launch various campaigns and on these occasions you will find ad-hoc content associated with the packages we offer in the e-commerce reserved for companies; the content may vary according to the amount of trees planted, and consists of images, videos and suggested texts.

➡️ For the Online Business solution, simply fill in this registration form;

🍃 Enterprise Solution

We provide the companies we work with with a wide range of communication materials.
Photographs, videos and customizable Social Posts to enable you to communicate your company's commitment to sustainability in a clear, effective and transparent manner.

➡️ You can visit this page to fill out the contact form or schedule a call with a contact person to bring your initiative to life.



Our dedicated team is at your disposal to guide you towards the most suitable solution for your business!

For more information, email us at business@treedom.net and you will be contacted as soon as possible!