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Find out how to gift one or more trees via app!

🌳 🎁 Giving a tree means creating a bond: you create an invisible thread between you and the person receiving it, and you can reach them at any time, wherever they are!

How does the gift work?
  • A tree can only be associated with one recipient.
    ❌ It is not possible to give the same tree to more than one person.
    👍 You can, however, give several trees to different people so that each person receives his or her own.
  • You can set up the gift after purchase, as soon as the trees appear in your profile.
  • You have three different delivery methods at your disposal:
     email, link and card. You can choose one for each gift.
  • You can write a dedication that will remain on the virtual tree page forever.


But let's see everything in detail! ⬇️


👤 First of all, register your account or log in with your credentials.

Once you are logged in, click on the tree-shaped button in the bottom left of the homepage;

🎁 scroll down and select "Gift a tree".

This opens this tab listing occasions for giving trees, such as a baptism, graduation, wedding, birthday and so on 😊


🌿 if you have yet to purchase the tree to give as a gift

👉🏼 click on a box, e.g. the one entitled "Graduation", and the trees we have suggested for this occasion will appear below.
You can then choose the one you prefer and complete your purchase.


👉🏼 Otherwise, you can simply select "See all trees", instead of an occasion box, to see all available species and packages.

➡️ Remember that you can apply filters! 


Again, choose the tree you prefer, add it to your cart and mark it as a gift.


Proceed with the payment, after which you can immediately set the gift and choose the delivery method.

Or you can also set up the gift later, at your convenience,

by following these steps ⬇️

🌿 Have you already made your purchase?

Perfect 😃

👤 After logging in, enter your profile via the button at the bottom right:

⚙️ then click on the settings button in the top right-hand corner to display a menu with three different entries. Of these, choose "Gift management":


You will now notice that the page is divided into two main sections:

To give as a gift & Sent

👉🏼 The one you are interested in at the moment is "To give as a gift".

If you look at the bottom, you will notice the "Create Gifts" button:

Click on it and you will thus start the gifting wizard 💝


Below we describe it in detail, so if you have any doubts, you can do it with us step by step!

💚 The gift procedure

Click on "Add recipient" at the bottom;
✍🏼 enter the person's name in the window, and then confirm


Immediately this screen appears: 

let's create the gift for John! 🎁

🎁 Click on "Create gift" and then select the tree(s) you have chosen for *him*.

⏩ Then, click on "Continue" at the bottom.

Now you have to choose the delivery method you prefer!
You can only choose one.


Delivery methods:

📤 Mail > by choosing this delivery method, you only have to enter the email address of the recipient and set the time and date of arrival.


The mail may reach its destination within an hour, depending on the intensity of user traffic on the site.

🔗 Link > Drop this delivery method, at the end of the procedure you will find a link to share via Whatsapp, Whatsapp Webb any other messaging tool.

📝 Card > By choosing the "Card" mode, at the end of the procedure you will be able to download the gift card after personalising it with a dedication and an image.
Once downloaded, you will have to print it out and hand-deliver it to the recipient.

( In this case, choose the "Card" mode by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right. )

Personalizing the gift

🌿 After choosing the delivery mode, the personalization of the gift begins.

🎨 Scroll left and right to view the images with which you can personalize the card:



🌿 Then, and this also applies to the delivery modes "Email" and "Link", check that the language is that of the recipient: you can choose between.
 Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
You can change the language by clicking on the "Edit" button:

🌿 Below you will notice a box, and that is where you can write a dedication for the recipient.

🤔 How does it work?

The dedication will remain on the virtual tree page forever, and will only be visible to you and the gift recipient.

The recipient can read it as soon as he or she redeems the tree: it appears on his or her screen at the moment he or she decides to accept it! 🙂

It is also automatically printed .on the card: you will not have to write it by hand.

Once you have written a dedication, you can preview your gift via the "Preview" button:


Do you like it? You don't want to edit anything?

Perfect 😉 Click on "Save".

You can continue the process by clicking on "Close" ▶️
and you will see this screen:


🌲 if you have any doubts, you can click on the "Information" ℹ️ button on the top right and read what we have written, otherwise you can contact us:

🌲 You can decide to gift other trees that you have in your profile in your name and for which you have not set up a gift, if you wish 😊
Otherwise, it is not necessary. They remain yours! 

👉🏼 If you want to set other gifts, click on "Add recipient" and follow the instructions.

Otherwise, if you have done everything you need to, you can simply click on "Confirm" at the bottom.

Great! 👍🏼
Here is your card

Remember that we chose it as an example, just to show you the procedure!

🔻 Download it by clicking on "Download card", then print it out and give it to the recipient 🖨️



Now that you have set up and sent your gift, you only have to wait for it to be redeemed by the recipient.

Only then will it actually be a gift!



🤔 What does this mean?

The recipient who receives the gift via email, link or card must decide to open it and follow the instructions to redeem it

👉🏼 the instructions to do so appear:

  • in the email;
  • they are written in the card;
  • and they also appear as soon as the person clicks on the link 😉

Then, as soon as the person completes the redemption procedure, the tree appears in the section dedicated to the trees you have donated.

But it also appears in the recipient's account.



To check the status of your gift and find out whether it has been redeemed or is still pending, you need to log in and click on the profile button in the bottom right-hand corner:

Here, click on the settings button at the top right and select "Gifts management" from the menu.


Now you can enter "Sent" and here is how you can distinguish between gifts:

🍃 Redeemed

When the tree looks like this, it means that the recipient has accepted and redeemed it correctly. You won't have to do anything else! 
Click on the arrow to the right for details 🙂

🍃 Awaiting redemption

When the tree is marked with this inscription, it means that the recipient has not yet redeemed it.
 So the tree is not actually given away, yet.


❌ Having second thoughts? Do you want to cancel a gift?

No problem ➡️ Before it is redeemed, you can cancel a gift at any time.

To do so, log into your profile and click on the settings button at the top right, then select "Gift Management"


Enter "Sent" and, as soon as you find the tree in question, you can click on it and a window with a basket-shaped button will open.



By clicking on it and giving confirmation, the gift will be cancelled.


Cancelling the gift does not mean deleting the tree!
The tree remains in your profile and you can keep it for yourself or give it again whenever you want 😀

💚 We hope you found this article useful! Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you need it.
Write an e-mail to info@treedom.net